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My Writing

In 2000 I completed my first novel. It was accepted in 2001. It did okay for its day as a psychological thriller with werewolves. Never saw any money for it. Shit happens, especially when one lives in Japan and publishes overseas.

Since then I wrote a bunch of short stories, it took six months to get accepted. I wrote the stories to increase awareness of me and my writing.

All the stories were horror, some worse than others, but all were fun to write.

In 2007 I sold a story for actual money i.e. the check cleared. That was fantastic.

During all these short stories I wrote two horror novels. One was accepted in 2009 (after I self published it (Indy?)) and it gained the interest of a publisher.

After that I stuck to horror, but then I love Sci Fi and found myself mixing different types of SF into my horror tales. Some fantasy dropped in as well (the only fantasy I
ve read is Weaveworld by Clive Barker), which explains a lot.

Step into my mind
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Kobe Fiction is the web presence of author Lee Pletzers. With five novels, two novellas and over seventy short stories sold since 2001, he has made an impact on the genre world and thrives within its limitless boundaries.

He writes Urban Fantasy containing a dab of horror with or without a slash of science fiction or fantasy.

This site has direct links to his work and things that are happening in his world now. Enjoy.

And if you feel like it, contact him via the Contact link or Twitter or Facebook or Google+ (Kobefiction).

Like most horror writers he is friendly and approachable (said the spider to the fly) ;-) 

Most of his work 2001-2009 was  published under the Richard Lee banner.